July 19, 2011

Child Labor

July 19, 2011
I love his picture! 
As I mentioned before my mother in law has a great garden – well this is my father in laws garden and it is massive!  So massive they require child laborers!  ha ha!  This is Colton and our only niece (for now – we have a niece on the way!) on my husband side – we call her Evey.  Colton and Evey were heading out to help Mamaw/Mooma/Mama Dale (she has many names) pick beans in the garden.
DSC_0449  DSC_0446
They went right to picking (beans and each other)….
“Mom look at my green bean!” …. yummy!  Momma loves fresh green beans!


Roses - Mama Magic said...

Cute !! So I can now legally indulge in child labor..we need some help in our backyard too :) !

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