July 9, 2011


July 9, 2011
I love “firsts”.  Capturing my children’s “firsts” in film or video is something I always try to do.  When Colton was 13 months old Chris was in China – before Chris left Colton was on the verge of walking.  Part of me did not want Colton to walk until Chris returned home – I wanted us all to celebrate this first together.  While on his overnight trips we usually use Skype to communicate.  One night I had my computer set up in the playroom while Colton played – he heard Chris’ voice and stood up and walked across the room toward the computer.  It was the first time the Colton had walked any distance – we were so elated that Chris was able to see it.
This was their first boat rides!
4-25-09 (20)     DSC_0238
And this the first time they were in the sand.  Claire was significantly younger (4 months) than Colton (12 months) when she went to the beach for the first time.  Both enjoyed it very much.
DSC_0032   9-28-10 (22)
And of course there is their first birthday mornings!
DSC_0124     DSC_0052
I like to document the little first just as much as the big firsts.  Their first trips to the Smokies, Zoo and Aquarium are some of my favorites.  So naturally I was bummed Sunday night when I arrived back at my father in laws after my race to realize that Colton got to see the fireworks for the first time and did so without me.  This may seem totally silly, but I was so bummed that I missed it.  The two years before Colton did not make it for the fireworks because he was younger with an early bedtime – due to a very late nap he was able to stay up later.  My sister in law Amy gave me all the wonderful details of how much he enjoyed the show – were blessed enough to have front row seat on the front porch of my in laws.  Fireworks over the lake is absolutely stunning.  Hopefully I will not miss many more firsts!


Karen Dawkins said...

You sound like me! I want to be there for all the firsts -- and get photos of everything. I'm learning, though, that life through the lens is not the way to live. As my son, much wiser than mom, says, "Mom, you can keep a picture of it in here." (As he taps his head).

I guess I'm in the stage of firsts of letting go -- really letting go. One heads to college in just a year!

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