July 11, 2011

Mom’s Tips Monday–Labor & Delivery Bag Must Haves

July 11, 2011
As a first time mom it is hard to know what all you need to pack in your hospital bag.  Who better to ask than fellow moms!?  A friend told me while pregnant with Colton to be sure to pack my own sanitary napkins – I was forever grateful!  Now I always tell my pregnant friends to do the same.  Also a must have for nursing mom’s is Lanoish Lanolin Cream and start using it immediately after nursing!  Oh yeah, and  your Boppy!  I forgot my Bobby with Colton and was certain not to make the same mistake with Claire.  I ask some fellow mom’s for their tips:
  • Laura author of Families Coping with Infant Stroke - A bathrobe and slippers.  Definite must.
  • Laura author of Doctor’s Corner - Sensible make up and make that bathrobe an extra nice one. My mom was putting on concealer right after I was born because she hated how washed out new moms look like.
  • Author of There’s Just One Mommy - I was thankful for a pair of my favorite "fuzzy" socks to keep my feet warm at the hospital while walking the floors.  A tennis ball or some other "massage" item is nice, too.  Oh, and music!  Listening to some of my favorite music really helped me relax when in labor with our first child.  For dad I had plenty of change for the vending machines and a few snacks.
  • Karen author of Life With Karen - I think it is important to have snacks for the hubby, a book to read for each person, and a puzzle book. It gets incredibly boring sitting there waiting for delivery to happen at times.
  • Gena author of Captain Fussybuckets - Make SURE to take phone, laptop, iPhone, iPad, etc chargers!  And lots and lots of Tucks pads!Don't take a ton of diapers unless you're doing cloth, the hospital provides those.  DO take any cutesy outfits you want Baby to wear.  I don't remember wishing I had brought something during labor.  Maybe gum, but really, my mind was on other things and the nurses were taking good care of me.
  • Esther author of Laugh With Us Blog - Camera is the big one for me!  Smaller size maternity clothes are a must.  At least 99.9 percent of us don't get back into our regular clothes for a while!
  • Author of Quirky Momma - Cayenne pepper dried in pill form - the stuff is marvelous!  It helps you recover so much faster!
  • Dagmar author of Dagmar’s Momsense - Bring your own doula, pillow, exercise ball, and your most comfy socks and sweats!  Or don't bring anything, take a Bradley class, get a midwife, and have the baby at home. That's what I would do if I could do it over again. :)
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Christina said...

You have a great list of tips here! Definitely agree with bringing maternity clothes to the hospital...I wish I had brought a slightly looser pair of pants with our first child.

Can't wait for the next set of mom tips!

Summer Jo said...

Thanks so much Christina! Next week is your best piece of advice for a new bride!!

Melissa said...

Bring your favorite lotion! :-) The air where I live is dry anyway, and then the hospital air was so dry, by the time I left the hospital my upper arms were just huge patches of alligator skin. Next time, I'm bringing the creature comfort.

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