July 25, 2011

Mom’s Tips Mondays–Best Piece of Advice For New Moms

July 25, 2011
It is inevitable, once you are pregnant every person you come across (friend or foe) wants to tell you what is best for you.  I was even lucky enough to receive unsolicited advice from a lady who had never had children or even been pregnant – yeah that did not go over so well! Ha!  On a serious note though the best pieces of advice I have ever received have been from fellow mothers.

Bringing a baby home for the first time can be the most overwhelming venture of your life so some of my fellow mommy bloggers shared their best pieces of advice for new moms – check out what they had to say and when you get an opportunity hop on over and check out their blogs!
  • The Mommy author of Long Daze Short Years - Everyone - your mom, your mother-in-law, your sister, your best friends, acquaintances, your pediatrician and even strangers on the street - will give you advice.  You may have to listen to what they have to say (as in the case of your doc/mother) but you don't have to take that advice.  Only you know what's best for your baby - everyone else just has an opinion.  (The only possible exception to this might be your husband - it's his baby, too!)
  • Nicole author of The Activity Mom - My advice is Do what works best for your family! There are so many ways to do things and so many people offering their advice and opinions. Just do what works for your family!
  • Mama Roses author of Keep Them Busy!! - 'Go with the flow' my mom had said when I just became a new mom. Didn't believe the least in it. Today I live by it :)!
  • Michele author of Mommy Forward - I tell new moms to line up any help they can (laundry, meals, baby help so they can rest, etc.) and to take their PULSE (see this guest post for details
  • Doreen author of Helping Ronald - Relax, go with your instincts and remember, in the end, they will survive you, promise.
  • Themrs author of A Day In the Life of the Mrs - you will never look back when your children are grown and wish you'd spent more time cleaning or cooking or working, etc. it goes by so fast. enjoy every moment and don't miss it trying to be perfect!
  • Kris author of In the Kitchen with Audrey - The best advice I ever got was from my mother-in-law. She said, "With the pitter patter of little feet come all the words that you must eat." Don't make judgements now, you might change your mind.
  • Holly author of Little Bit of Life - dont stress!  Your baby will teach you everything you need to know! ;)
  • Gena author of Captain Fussybuckets - My best piece of advice is to take all the advice you can get, but don't forget that only you are the mommy, so only you truly know best!!!  Also, don't be afraid to ask for help and don't overdo it.  Last thing, it's good to have a plan, but don't be hung up on doing things "perfectly."  Let yourself know that it's okay to end up having a c-section or for breastfeeding not to work.  I truly believe the idea of "failing" at something is a major cause of PPD
  • Karen author of Karen Dawkins - RELAX!!!! Yes, that is officially my tip.  We worry about our kids like crazy, but they turn out fine. Right now, I'm actually doing a blog series (5 posts in the series) on trusting God with our kids' lives. There's just more joy -- more fun, laughter, and happiness -- when we don't worry!


The Activity Mom said...

All of those are great pieces of advice! =)

Audrey's mom said...

So great of you to put these tips all together! What a great wealth of information.

Doreen Lombardo-Campisi said...

Such wonderful advice from great moms. Good job putting this all together. Thank you for mentioning my advice and my blog. We got great news today! I'm going to write about it now! I will check out everyone's blog as soon as I get a chance.

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

looking forward to your posts about trusting God with our kids...i could do with way more of that! my eldest has smith magenis syndrome, a very rare self harming syndrome and will always need 24-7 care and i cant think of the future for her without panic rising! lovely to find you via blogfrog xx jane x

Roses - Mama Magic said...

I commend you for all good that you are doing! Such blogs bring that ray of hope for new moms and even regular parents with everyday challenges.
One of the rare gems among slew of blogs.

Life With Captain Fussybuckets said...

All of these are great! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this awesome post!


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