July 14, 2011

My future Musician

July 14, 2011
Colton has discovered his love for the guitar!  This started when he found one (a play one – Dora the Explorer one to be exact) at my friends house.  He grabbed the guitar, found a little chair and did not want to move until it was time to leave.  Now whenever we visit her house he always says “where's my guitar”.  It cracks me up that he calls it “my guitar”.
Christine hit the jackpot when she found Colton a guitar for his birthday – and it was not a Dora one!  Fifteen minutes after taking it out of the box I was ready to find some ear plugs and I will admit that I have attempted to hide it on occasion!  He loves it though and I love how cute he looks when “playing” it.
Feast your eyes
on my
future musician!


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