July 5, 2011

Running My Alma Mater

July 5, 2011
I love my alma mater – really really I do!  I love all things orange and when I hear Rocky Top or my Alma Mater song I cannot help, but to sing along!
So when I heard that the Pilot Fireball 5k route was through the back road of my beloved campus I was pumped to lace up my running shoes – which coincidently ended up with severed laces at the end of the race.
I was even more pumped when I talked my two sister in law’s into joining me for the adventure.  Here were are before the race.
We were early so goof off time was necessary.
In the spirit of the holiday the national anthem was sung gracefully at the beginning of the race and the American flag flew high above the start/finish line.
My time was disappointing (28:23), but I still had a great time!  Several of my friends ran achieving PR’s and my sister in law’s ran their hearts out!  I think we may have made a runner out of Ally, she is already talking about her next race.
We were dripping wet and happy to be finished!  I think we may make this an annual event for the three of us.


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