July 17, 2011

Sibling Laughter

July 17, 2011
My husband comes from a blended family thus creating a large immediate family.  His dad and stepmother married one another when their children were very young so Chris basically grew up with four siblings.  His brother (by marriage) is 3 1/2 years older than him.  He has 2 sisters (one by marriage and one biological) who are 2 years older than him and then a sister (biological) who is 4 years younger than him – there are currently 5 grandchildren and 1 on the way.  So can you imagine what it is like around the holidays!!?  One night that weekend we fed 25!!
We were all staying at my inlaws on the lake for several days over the 4th of July holiday.  There was bad weather one day so everyone (aside from me and my brother in law) sat around the coffee table in the living room floor and played apples to apples.  Have you every played apples to apples???  It’s a pretty fun game.  Anyway, I sat at the dining room table organizing photos and working on blog posts (in between wrangling 2 toddlers) only to get cracked up at all the commotion this fun little game was causing!
(This is Chris and our nephew and his oldest sister and brother)
Chris had initially wanted four children.  He mentioned it once totally out of the blue when I was pregnant with Colton.  He did not mention it to me, but to someone else and it totally through me for a loop!  I remember sitting up straight in the couch exclaiming, “four!! … are you out of your mind!  I never agreed to four” … I get a good laugh out of it now.
I never realized how much he enjoyed growing up with lots of siblings until then… and this moment over the holiday really rang it in for me.  They were having so much fun!  Everyone lives in different cities (his step brother is 4 hours away and his step sister is 7 hours away) and are all in different places in their lives, but nothing can break that sibling love.
Honestly, it was such a warm moment and I was happy I caught some of the smiles on camera!


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