July 6, 2011

This Little Girl at 13 months

July 6, 2011
This little girl is changing so much!  She is into EVERYTHING!  She is so mischievous.  The wall plugs draw her in right away – specifically the ones in Colton’s room.  Every night at bed time we have to pull her away and scold her for trying to play with the plugs!
She is getting more and more vocal – I’m sure she will be an early talker just like her brother!  Just last week she started saying “Papaw”, but Daddy (and sometimes daddoo) is still her favorite word.  So different from Colton – he said daddy super young, but then Chris went to China for 2 weeks and he would not say it again until he was 15 months old!  We were traveling back from Kansas City, MO I was hunched over holding a shopping bag in my lap trying not to barf from the “morning” sickness and Colton had just figured out “daddy” … he said it over and over and over on the LONG drive home getting so tickled each time Chris responded.

I love the age Claire is at now.  Everyday is a new adventure for her – constantly learning something new.  This is especially true now that she is walking!  We thought for sure that she would walk sooner than Colton because she was mobile on her knees a lot sooner, but she was right there with him at 13 months.
This little girl has a temper though – it is wild!  If she is into something and we go to move her she throws a fit usually slinging herself toward the floor.  I am sure Colton had a little temper too, but I do not remember it being quite this bad.  I have a feeling that were going to have our work cut out with disciplining her!  She is lovable though… soooo cuddly! … and she loves to kiss her daddy!  It is the cutest thing ever.  Her biggest love by far is her brother.  Seriously, she is wild over Colton and the feeling is mutual!  If Colton thinks we’re going somewhere and she may not be coming he says, “get Claire Bear mommy!  get Claire Bear!”.  Crawling up on his bed and cuddling with him is one of her favorite things to do!

Speaking of crawling up on things – we also have a climber on our hands!  This is new territory for us because we NEVER had a problem with Colton climbing.  Not one time did he try to crawl out of his crib and I never remember having issues with him crawling up on furniture.  Not this little girl – she tries and usually succeeds with climbing on everything!  I have caught her numerous times standing up in the seat of Colton’s little recliner and his (their) desk chairs!

Ahhhh… the joys of toddlerhood… were really loving every minute of it!

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