July 3, 2011

You Know You’re a Mom … Take 2

July 3, 2011
I did a blog post just like this one a while back and got a great kick out of what all the other moms had to say!  Just last week I could not wait to call my husband to tell him that Colton had pooed in the potty and I thought to myself, “You know you’re a mom when…” ha ha… that led me to this post!  Enjoy!
  • When your our son says,"Hey Mom! The microwave's on fire!"
  • Joneatha author of A Twinkle In Time - When giving baths you seem to come out more soaked then you child.  When you no longer have time to fix your hair in the mornings before leaving the house (sometimes very scary).
  • Author of There’s Just One Mommy - When you find yourself discussing whether or not Polly Pocket is changing how the dolls look and if you should buy these new ones for your daughter, for over a half hour with your husband.
  • Melissa author of A Heavenly Journey – When you text your husband a picture of a poopy diaper. Just because you can. :-) Muah ha ha haaa....
  • Mikaila author of And at the end of the day - When being covered with urine or poo is just par for the course! And because of it, you don't even mind picking your cat's crusty nose.
  • Melissa author of Tiny Greek Goddess – Because you are the boo boo fixer - even if that means you have to kiss a boo boo on your child's adorable patootie in the middle of the supermarket!
  • Marie author of Mom Mask - When you still wear a nursing bra even though your youngest last nursed over three years ago...hey, if it's comfortable...
  • Cori author of Life With The Beach’s - When your "comfy pants" are actually your smaller maternity bottoms because they are ever so comfy!
  • Callie author of The Jensons - When you are singing the music to all the musical toys in your house when you are out and don't realize it.
  • The Mommy author of Long Daze Short Years - More than half the contents of your purse are for entertaining...the children!  Crayons, notepads, bubbles (What?  You don't have bubbles in YOUR purse?), rubber balls, key ring with keys to NOTHING on it, etc.  You can tell by the pitch of the cry if it's a real injury or just injured pride.  You can sleep through a severe thunderstorm - complete with hail - but wake up INSTANTLY if your child coughs.  You finally understand what YOUR mom meant when she said, "You'll understand when you have kids..."  Your best friend's son accidentally wipes his poopy butt on your arm and you don't even batt an eye.  (true story). (don't ask).
  • You cannot remember when you at a meal that was still warm.
  • Amanda - I knew I was a mom when my boss asked me for a pen and a teeny pair of dora undies came out my purse along with that pen!(Hey, we were potty training then, you have to have a dry pair!)
  • Crystal author of Counselor Mom - You know you are a mom when you have to stop what you are doing to clean up cocoa powder off the floor that your child somehow got out of the pantry even though you were supervising. :) This happened this morning.
  • Marie author of Improving on the Silence - When you do that fling-your-arm across the passenger seat while hitting the brakes even when there's only a bag of groceries on the seat.
  • ScrapKat author of Mom’s K.I.S.S - When you step on that darn lego in the middle of the night.  You know you are a mom when you don't get to pee in peace - ever!
  • Laura author of Laura’s Ramblings In Color - When you finally get to go out with adults, and midway through you excuse yourself because you have to go potty.  You know you're a mom when you've called it a bottom for so long that the word "butt" sounds like a curse word.  You know you're a mom when a trip to the grocery store by yourself is the best. thing. ever.  And on the way to the store the CD player is off and there is complete silence.
  • Kris author of In the Kitchen with Audrey - When you find yourself saying, "No, you can't color on your sister with markers!" And, "I told you your chair would fall over backwards if you kept pushing back in it."


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