August 19, 2011

15 Months

August 19, 2011
Colton was around 15 months old when I was first pregnant with Claire.  It is so hard to believe that he was this small and it is even harder for me to believe that she is already this big!  She weighed in at 21 pounds 10 ounces at her 15 month check up and was 30 1/2 inches long.

Claire is a great communicator and follows direction very well.  If I ask her if she needs a diaper change she will pull at her diaper and walk up to her room to her changing table - and speaking of diaper changes, she urinated in the potty last Saturday and again on Sunday.  I could not believe it!  For a while she has been really interested in Colton's potty.  She normally accompanies us to the bathroom and lately she has been pulling and tugging at her diaper and wanting to sit on the potty.  So Saturday when I was getting ready to put her in the bath she wanted to sit on the potty so I obliged and voila!  She is very vocal already using lots of words, just his week she mastered "Papaw" and he (Papaw) could not be more delighted!!  I am still very curious what she is going to call Colton - we refer to him as brother or by name.  Sometimes it sounds like she says "bo bo" when he is around so who knows.  Claire has also picked up on sign language quickly, her "please" is super cute.  "Thank you" she says vocally and often, so no need to use that sign anymore.  Colton likes to show her the sign language and how to use her manners.  When he sees that she is finished with her food he always says, "may she be excused please?".


Claire is so full of spunk and personality.  She loves Colton and REALLY loves her daddy.  Lately she has been constantly yelling, “daddy… daddy!” as soon as I get her out of her crib.  If I say, “Daddy is working Claire”, she will shake her head no.  She has developed a really playful personality too.  Flopping around in her bed when I go to get her up and if Chris or I are laying in the floor she wants to jump and “wrestle”.

Claire is all girl though.  If there is a hat within sight she wants it on her head and if shoes are lying around well, those have to be on her feet!  I often find her in her room pulling all of her shoes out in the floor.  Oh yeah, and she loves bags!  We recently went to a local boutique store (I took her because Chris and Colton was napping and she would not quit yelling for Chris) to buy a larger day bag for her stuff when were out and she found a Vera Bradley just her size.  She snatched it off the shelf and threw it up over her shoulder like she had been carrying bags for years.  I was so tickled that I could not leave the store without it.  She now carries it all the time.

She is our spunky little girl and we love her “this much!”


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