August 17, 2011

The Almost First Day

August 17, 2011

Colton did not fall asleep right away last night so I was a little concerned about getting him up this morning because he was going to have to get up about 45 minutes earlier than normal.  After my 5 1/2 hours of interrupted (yes, I’m exhausted!) sleep I rolled out of bed around 5:30am to get our day started.  I wanted to be completely ready when I had to get him up at seven so I could focus solely on him. 

When seven rolled around I went in opened his blinds petted on him a little and he slowly and sweetly woke up.  Usually in the mornings he likes to lay in his bed for a while and gets grumpy if I try to get him out of bed right away.  This morning though he did not fuss when I explained to him that he needed to go ahead and get up because we were going to his new school.  We have been talking about school for weeks and he seemed excited this morning.  There were a few times throughout the morning  that he seemed a little off-kilter, but when he was chatting on the phone this morning he seemed totally normal:


We were about to go out the door… I was tucking in his shirt so I could get a picture before we went out the door and … burp!  Vomit!  Yep, everywhere… his shoes, my shoes, but luckily it was on the hardwood and not the carpet!  After what happened yesterday I was concerned he may have a virus so I thought it best to keep him home.  I made a few phone calls and other agreed so home he stayed.  Ahhh… what do ya do!?  He seems fine now.  He has been watching a moving and has had some pretzels, toast and water.  Tomorrow is a new day, right!?


Doesn’t he look so cute in his uniform!?  Ahhh… love that little dude!  Cross our fingers and say a prayer it is a little twenty four hour bug that will make its way out of his system today!

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