August 26, 2011

Favorite Find Friday–Tervis Tumblers

August 26, 2011
Tervis 16ozWe have been a fan of Tervis tumblers for years.  Were such big fans that the tumblers are our primary drinking cup at home and away from home.  Three years ago we vacationed in Sarasota and while there we visited the corporate store and stock piled on our favorite Tervis cups – the power T of course!

The best part about the mugs, besides the fact that you can get them in your favorite collegiate teams is that they have a life time guarantee.  Tervis promises that the cups with not shatter, crack, chip or melt and if they do you can simply fill out a replacement form and get your new cups in the mail.  However, if you are ever in the Sarasota area you can go to the corporate store and they will replace it for you for free.

Another great feature is that the cups reduce condensation so no more worrying about rings when someone forgets to use a coaster.  They are great for hot and cold drinks.  We use them for our shakes and coffee – if Chris had the need for caffeine.  You can also purchase lids and draws which is great while were out boating.

Tervis MugThere are several places online to find the tumblers, but you can also now find them in stores.  Most Bed, Bath and Beyond stores as well as Bass Pro Shops now carry the tumblers.  If you order from the Tervis website you can get the tumblers personalized with your name, design, and even picture!

The next time you are raking your brain for a gift idea check out Tervis Tumblers they are one of our favorite gifts to give!… and while you’re at it purchase one for yourself!


Ainsley said...

I recently saw an ad in a magazine for these cups and I was interested to learn more about them. Thanks for reviewing!!

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