August 18, 2011

First Day of K3

August 18, 2011

We did it, we made it through the Colton’s first day of K3!  I say “we” because I think it was harder for me than for Colton.


He was not a hundred percent this morning and still is not up to par this afternoon (please pray for the Lord to restore his health), but I felt that he was well enough to go to school.

We purchased him a new backpack and lunch box which he has been super excited about!  Here he was showing it off for the camera.

I know I’m partial, but isn’t he just the cutest thing ever in his little uniform!


On the way to school he watched Happy Feet and I prayed!  I prayed for the Lord to ease his anxiety and to help him “trust in the Lord” (something Colton re-iterates to himself regularly).  Other than a few times (I can count them on one hand) I have never entrusted the care of my child to anyone else, for that reason I was also asking the Lord to help give me peace about this decision to send him on to preschool.


When we arrived to the school Colton jumped out of the car, he put on his backpack, grabbed his lunch box and took off!  Were fortunate because the school is affiliated directly with our church – Colton loves his church and is very familiar with it so being on the school campus was not so new to him.


Almost everyone had already made it inside the building, but on our way in Colton spotted Preach (what he calls our pastor) which was a blessing because a familiar face always helps in a new situation.  I firmly believe that children are much more sensitive to the spirit of a person than even adults thus explaining his love for his pastor.


It is rare that I end up in a picture because as most of my fellow moms will testify to, as the mom you are usually the one behind the camera. However my pastors wife snapped a few photos of Colton and I before we walked in.


Colton was excited up until the point he saw two kids screaming inside his classroom.  I did my best to try to distract him from the crying screaming, but he was captivated by it and it freaked him out a little.  It was at this point that he started to tear up and saying, “mommy stay with you… mommy stay with you”.  I told him I was only staying for a minute and I wanted to take his picture… I snapped this photo of him and his friend Alex… I noticed he was a little distracted and made my way out the door.


Colton’s teacher said that Alex really helped Colton today – I think they are going to be best buddies!


When I picked Colton up he ran out to greet me and said “hey momma!  I went to school all by myself!”  I really think that he was proud of himself.  Once we got in the car we called Daddy to tell him all about his first day of school!  I’m so happy to have it over with.  Now… on to day two!  Wish us luck!

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