August 18, 2011


August 18, 2011
Colton did not get his first hair cut until he was over two years old.  In case you have not noticed it takes my children a while to get hair.  With all of his previous haircuts he sits in Chris’ lap and holds a spray bottle while my mom (yes, she does hair!… works out great for us!) cuts his hair.  Last week she came over to give the boys a long overdue trim and Colton jumped up in the chair all by himself ready to go.
My little guy is getting so big!  Have I mentioned that he LOVES his Meme so much too!?  She is so sweet because she is always concerned about Colton’s feeling when it comes to jealousy.  She does not want him to get jealous of Claire while she is around so she makes it a habit to give him extra special attention.  We have found that people naturally gravitate toward the “baby” or the younger sibling and then can very easily lead to some jealousy.  On this day she spent some time playing with Colton outside all by himself and he really enjoyed it… that one on one time is so important and I do not have the opportunity to do it often enough!
In the words of Colton, “thanks meme for the haircut and for playin and running to the trees with me!”


Melissa said...

How fun! We just took our little guy to get his first haircut yesterday. He looks like a big boy now. *sniff*

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