August 30, 2011

His First Full Week

August 30, 2011
Last week was Colton’s first full week of school.  On Monday Chris and I took him together so Chris could see where to park where/how to drop him off.  I suspected that Monday would be a tad difficult because of the weekend off so that is really why I wanted to go.  The first 2 days they were okay with me walking Colton in, but I knew that the preference is for you to drop your child off at the door and someone from the school will be there to help them get to their classroom – this just helps keep the school more secure. 

Colton was so excited that morning and virtually ran to the school door.  Then – bam!… he remembered that he had to go by himself.  He became teary eyed and ask me to go in with him – I explained that mommy had to stay outside, but Mrs. Shannon (his teacher) was right there and he could walk on in with her.  It was so cute because I could see that he really really wanted to go especially once he saw other kids from his class walking inside.  Finally, he slowly made his way in, but not without telling me to “stay right there on the wall mommy” … repeatedly.  The next day, Tuesday, Chris said he walked on his with no problem, but was sure to say, “daddy you stay right there on the wall”.  Chris obliged and everyday since has been a breeze.


Picking Colton up in the afternoons is the best part of my day.  I am still having a difficult time being away from him everyday, but I know that he is really enjoying himself and that helps.  Not only is he enjoying himself, but he is branching out and becoming less timid!  He is trying new things as far as activities that in the past he seemed too timid or scared to do.  For example, he hoped up in his swing last week and kept saying, “push me higher mommy – higher!” … this was a first.  He normally likes to swing slow when he is in the big swing – he is definitely not a dare devil (yet).  If nothing else I know that preschool is going to help him with his social skills and his fears!  My favorite thing though is that he is memorizing scripture.  Scripture memorization is incredibly important and it will go with him for the rest of his life!

Memory Verse #1
Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”


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