August 4, 2011

Mom’s Tips Monday–Getting Involved in Your Childs School

August 4, 2011
For the past four years I have helped with my church’s Christian School and I have seen first hand how important it is to have the help of the parents.  Parents who are willing and able have so much to offer in regards to being creative and learning outside the classroom.  Here are some mommy bloggers with their tips on getting involved in your children’s school:
  • Crystal author of The Thrify Mama - Keeping a calendar (Cozi is a good one) and limiting it to one-two activities per family member. I think there is such a thing as getting too involved.
  • Michelle author of Create – Celebrate – Explore - Being the craftsy party planning mum, I generally help out in the classroom for special holidays and events.  I also always volunteer to do a year long scrapbook to give to each of the kids at the end of the year of all of their adventures, so I'm always on hand for field trips, sports days and other special events to take photographs. 
  • Nancy author of The Wedding Queen – The PTA is not the only way to be involved, find other ways to work with the kids--taught computers to sp. ed. classes so they could get more one on one time, worked in the library, offered to do computer work when the school secretary was overwhelmed etc.  I also volunteered to be homeroom mom or help out with parties or go on class trips when they needed someone.  I had a flexible job so I was lucky.  Find your strengths, volunteer there and if there's a dragon running the PTA remember it's not the only way to be involved.
  • Wendy author of Wendolonia - I volunteer with the PTA, but I have a strict policy to only volunteer for one job during the year. It's a big one -- I maintain the mailing list and web site -- so I don't want to get sucked into other tasks. Otherwise my entire life would revolve around PTA.
  • Helen author of Helen Clyde - I´ve been involved with the schools my kids attend ever since they were old enough to go there, and I think I´ve done everything so far.  I think the best solution is to do the things you are good at. It may take a while to find out. For example, I suck at organizing. I´m not really good at fundraising or baking cakes. I can´t fix furniture. But I know a lot about computers, I´m good at working in the library, and I´m awesome at entertaining the kids. So those are the things I "specialized" in, because I figured you need to enjoy what you´re doing.  Volunteering in school is something all partners have to benefit from - the school, the children, but also you, as the volunteer.  I love love love leading our schools library, and I spend about 10 days every week in my favorite class, to pick out special students and give them one-on one lessons in math and reading. I have a computer group, and I come to field trips and class trips.  I often think I should pay the school for letting me be there. Getting hugs around my waist from 6 year olds is better than any antidepressant! It makes me thoroughly, completely happy!
Here is my two cents: It has been said that there are times when Parent/Teacher organizational meetings can turn into gripe sessions about teachers and/or the school.  My best piece of advice is to keep your negativity to yourself and if you have an issue school related take it to the appropriate person whether that is the teacher or the teachers superior.  There is always so way you can help out and sometimes you just have to ask.
Happy Volunteering!!

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