August 8, 2011

Mom’s Tips Monday–Keeping The Spark In Your Marriage

August 8, 2011
Anyone who has been married for any length of time realizes that you have work at keeping the spark in your marriage.  Once you have children it is even more important to make sure you are making special time for your spouse.  It is so easy to get caught up in life and forget to settle down and remember the things that brought the two of you together in the first place. 
Check out what some fellow married women said they did (or at least try to do) to keep the spark in their marriage.
  • Holly author of A Little Bit of Life - We spend time together.  Without the kids.  on a regular basis.  We are both home on Fridays and schools starts tomorrow so we will have a day a week for each other. We also love home improvements/decorating and we own a old farm house so we love making it beautiful together!
  • Melissa author of A Heavenly Journey - Know each other's love language. And speak it. When each spouse is focused on "How can I meet my spouse's needs and make him/her feel loved today?" instead of "Why aren't you meeting myyyyyyyyy neeeeeeeeds?" life is a lot more pleasant. :-)
  • Author of Troop Petrie– Take time for one another, rather it be a date in a theatre or a dinner in your dinning room after the kids go to bed.  Knowing his needs and want (love language), is a major help. Maybe he could care less if you clean the house but needs hugs daily.  Leave love notes, do a bible study together, take those silly get to know you test together
  • Brigitte author of The Everyday Posh – With having a three-year-old and a 3 month-old, things have become absolutely crazy! But one tip that I totally believe in, the 20-second hug! No matter what is going on, how tired you are, maybe even how mad or frazzled you are, make time for the 20-second hug every single day. It is amazing how much that helps. Our three-year-old has even jumped in at times which somehow even makes it better yet!
  • Jenny author of Home is where you start from - we spend time together everyday chatting.  I hear all about his day and I am truly interested. Even when i am not, I pretend.  We treat each other politely.  We go on a date night every week.
  • Laura author of The Doctors Corner – What we started doing lately is play childhood games so we can laugh. We've played hide-and-seek and tag. We feel so silly and start laughing which relaxes both us. An added bonus: tag can be a workout!
  • Author of One Mommy – I have to say going out for "date night" once a week - (although with sitter issues lately we've had to make it every 2 weeks or so).  Also, making sure you either talk on the phone, leave a voice message, sneak a note in their lunch, or at least some way make contact during the day several times.
  • Melania author of Seeing God in All – One of the best things my husband and i do to keep the spark in our marriage is sitting on the balcony of our apartment at the end of a long day, talking about random memories or plans for our future. (Or if it's still hot at 9 pm at night, we sit on our couch!) Having those moments to sit and talk remind me of when we were dating and would go to a coffee shop and talk for hours. Staying connected through good communication, away from the stresses of life, really helps keep us solid.
  • Linds author of A Dollop of My Life - We used to go on dates every week, but with two babies, that can get expensive when you have to hire a babysitter. So we try to dedicate a certain portion of time between the kids bedtimes and my DH's study times (he's an MBA student right now on top of his full time job!) to just talk about our days and what's going on in our lives. It helps us connect. We try to go on dates outside of the home at least every other month... those are my fave :)
  • Alli - My husband and I truly don't want to go out on dates- we're both such homebodies!  But we still date each other, from home.  We have designated Thursday nights as date nights, We live life normally until our little lady is in bed and the house is picked up in 20 minutes, and then everything is turned off (tv- unless we pick a movie together, computers, ipad, cell phones) and we just hang out together, play a board game, cards, watch a movie, whatever we pick.  We spend every night together, talk multiple times throughout the day as his job is very flexible, but there is still something about that specific, one on one time together without any distractions that is so important to us. (Maybe it is because quality time is my #1 and his #2 love language :)We also flirt like we just fell in love- even if it is ridiculous things we did when I was 18 and is sooooo immature ;)  It is just silly, and after every flirted attempt, he always seems to envelop me in his arms for a very sweet moment together.


The Posh Event said...

Wonderful post with lots of great tips!!

melaina said...

Thanks for including me, and your great comment on my blog. These are a lot of great tips that i'll have to put into practice!

Cute blog!

Hen Jen said...

great tips, all of them! Thanks for including mine :)

Christina said...

Thanks for including me in your tips! There are some great ones here to try out!
~There's Just One Mommy

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thanks for mentioning me. I cannot believe I just got here. like is amazing wonderful but crazy busy. I think it is time i practice what i write.

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