August 17, 2011

Mom’s Tips Monday–Maintaining Your Relationship With The Lord

August 17, 2011
(I just saw this draft saved in my dashboard of my blog!  I cannot believe I forgot to publish it on Monday!  My apologies... so here is our Mom's Tips Monday a few days late!... its been a crazy week and its only Wednesday!)

Occasionally I find myself in a slump.  You know that place where things around you have been so hectic and wild that you have let your relationship with the Lord slack.  The relationship really does not make it out of the church doors on Sunday morning.  Okay, well maybe this has never happened to you, but I will sadly admit that it has me.

Some fellow mom bloggers have shared some wonderful tips for maintaining your relationship with the Lord!  There are some great ideas here – a few that I plan to implement as soon as possible.  Check them out and add your own in the comments section!
  • Mari author of Life In Our Castle - The only way is DAILY time with Him and prayer. If I skip even one day - I feel the emptiness in my life. Not saying I don't skip my quiet time sometimes - I certainly do. But I still know the only way for me is DAILY time. I guess sometimes, my mind just thinks there are other more important things.
  • NCSue author of In Him We Live … - For me, it boils down to trusting that God can turn even the "bad stuff" in our lives into something good. In every situation that I've defined as "bad", I can see where... at some point down the road... God has been able to use it for good.
  • Deb - I really enjoy listening to Christian radio stations throughout the day...not just for music, but also for teaching programs. My husband and I like to watch dvd’s for entertainment, and we often watch ones that are produced by/for Christians and that teach Biblical principles/values.  The other activity that I enjoy doing is I will often use my walking time to pray and to work on memorizing scripture verses. Scripture memorization has really helped me to transform my thought-life and to keep my focus on Jesus!  We are actively involved with several ministries through our church, the Gideons International, a prison ministry, a homeless shelter, and the local crisis pregnancy center. I find that serving others keeps me closer to God because it's not anything that I can do in my own strength....only by God's grace.
  • Coach Theresa author of Theresa Froehlich - I condensed Omartian's book into 30 themes, each theme summarized into one short sentence or phrase. I have a list that looks like this:
    1. Release my child into God's care.
    2. Ask The Holy Spirit to instill a hunger to know God.
    3. Pray through the child's room to cleanse it from influences of darkness.
    4 Ask God's Spirit to give the child a sound mind.
    and etc… Each of the numbers represents the calendar days of the month. You make the sentences short enough so they can all fit on one 4X6 card. I carry it in my Bible and pull it out every morning to pray for the theme of that calendar day.
  • Melissa author of A Heavenly Journey - The one thing that always gives me a "shot in the arm" so to speak is turning on worship music when I feel like turning on the television during the baby's nap. Sometimes it's the little things that help keep me plugged in.
  • Author of Long Daze Short Years – Praying Journaling -  This is something that has helped me tremendously!  I even put photos of those I'm specifically praying for in there so I can really focus.   What also helps me is to always be reading an inspirational book - there's a lot of variety in that word "inspirational" - from Christian romance to self-help to Bible interpretation, etc.  I'm reading 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp right now - so far that one has pretty much smacked me right upside the head with reality!
  • Bonny author of Elephant Tales - At breakfast, we read the children's bible together, and i try to read my own bible as we are finishing up breakfast. the kids have a few minutes of free time to go and play while read.. if that doesn't happen, then i will read during "rest" time in the afternoons.

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