August 22, 2011

mom’s Tips Monday–Photographing Children

August 22, 2011
Now that I have children my camera has become is as much of an accessory as my Blackberry.  However, capturing your children in a great photograph is sometimes a daunting task.  At three years old Colton has become extremely hard to photograph.  It is almost like he knows I am dying for him to look at the camera so for that reason alone he always looks away.  A few mommy bloggers shared their tips for photographing children:
  • Jamie author of Mommy’s Camera - 1) Get down at their level!  Too often we take photos looking down at our kids.  2) Let them play and snap away.  Kids don't always do well posed.  You'll get better photos if you let them be themselves.  3) Use props if they don't sit still.  Let them play with a flower or let them have their favorite stuffed animal to keep them occupied.  4) Catch them off guard.  Some of the best photos of my girls were caught when they weren't expecting it.  Let them play then say their name and be ready to shoot as soon as they look up at you!
  • Tina author of ShopAholic Mommy - When every possible try to have natural light - I think the photos look so much better than when a flash is involved. I love to photograph the kids outside and they seem to like it. We especially like to go to a large garden setting or park and try to capture them as they discover their surroundings.
  • Barb author of Barb’s Photo Journal - Use a fast shutter speed and CW focus.  These guys tend to never sit still.
I do make more of an effort to get down on their level and have found that that indeed makes for better photos.  Now, if I can just learn to properly shoot in manual!

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