August 1, 2011

Mom’s Tips Monday–Starting The School Year off Right

August 1, 2011
It that time of the year – back to school! And for some, like myself, its off to school for the first time. I have had anxiety over Colton starting K3 since January. The anxiety turned into excitement and now has turned back into anxierty – I’m going to need a lot of prayer around the 17th, 18th, 19th of this month if you have any room on your prayer list!

I lieu of back to school I ask some fellow mommy blogger to share their tips on starting the school year off right!  Check out their tips and then check out their blogs!  Also, share your own tips in the comment section of this post!
  • Lynn - Coming from a teacher and a parent of one anxious child (out of two)...stay confident and positive.  No matter how old or young they are, kids can read their parents and their feelings about the teacher, the school, even the nervous look about riding the school bus for the first time.  YOU (as the parent) set the stage.
  • Kim - Our school allowed us to go to school before the first day to meet their teacher and see their classroom.  We were also able to see who was in their class, so that helped us as well.  My kids always got very excited about picking out their new backpacks, school supplies, first day outfit, etc.  We are usually pretty frugal, but in those instances we let them splurge a little.  We also plan a favorite food for b'fast the first day and for dinner that night.  Right now my two start on different days so they each get a day.  I have made a special back to school cake each year that they love.  Mine is made to look like a chalkboard (started it awhile ago when they still used chalkboards!) and has each child's name and grade on it, with the year.  I've seen other fun cakes made to look like pencils, buses, etc. that you could probably find online.Lastly, one set of grandparents are very good about sending a card and little gift (very little - matchbox car type thing) that we have them open that morning and that helps ease some of the butterflies.
  • Mikaila author of And at the end of the day - My son had a very rough year last year in 3rd grade and I think he's feeling anxious about 4th grade this year. My sister-in-law has been doing some tutoring with him this summer which has boosted his confidence (and knowledge) so I'm hoping that will help. Otherwise my husband and I are trying to talk positively in front of our son and keep concerns, etc behind closed doors.
  • Jaye - Make a big deal about going to the store and buying a more grown up book since they are so much smarter now.  It doesn't have to be anything they read on their own.  For example, if your child is entering 4th grade, read "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"'ll find a great book for any grade.  One more little thing I thought of.....the first couple of weeks at least....don't have a lot of extra activities planned.  School is hard work and it takes them a while to adjust.  You don't want them exhausted and grumpy.
  • Ainsley author of Inside My Heaven - One of the preschool classrooms I observed in last year had something called a "Waving Window". It was a little window that looked out into the parking lot, and as the parents were walking back to their cars, they would stop at the window and do a silly dance, smile and wave at their child. The children looked forward to looking out the window so much that there were rarely any tears. Even if your son's school doesn't have this, maybe you could think of your own thing to do, say, before getting out of the car.  Buy The Kissing Hand and read it. It is hands down the best back to school book that I have found. My own mama read it to me when I started school, and now many of my professors recommend it as something to read on the first day.
  • Amanda – stay on the same schedule all year and doing learning activities in the summer.
  • B author of Random Thoughts of Me - We keep a pretty close schedule all summer.  Bedtime varies by an hour or so, but mornings are within 30 minutes of their normal wake up time during the school year.  About 2-3 weeks before school starts, we go back to normal school bedtimes.  We just found out last week that our youngest got accepted into the preschool we were hoping for & they provide bus transportation.  Our 2nd youngest starts kindergarten & then our two oldest are in middle school.  We went from 2 riding buses last year, to 4 this year.  THAT makes me more nervous & will be more of an adjustment for me than anything.  We make a big deal out of buying new school supplies, backpacks, shoes, and a couple of new outfits.  I think I'm almost as excited about this as the kids...there's just something about new school stuff.
Be sure to check back each day this week to read another Mom’s Tips Monday post “Back to School Style”.


Christina said...

All great tips! I especially agree with keeping it positive. My husband hated school, and I keep reminding him only positive school talk in front of our kids!

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