August 31, 2011

New Things

August 31, 2011
Saturday was the most perfect day.  I went out and ran four miles at 6:30 that morning in wonderful, but very windy weather.  I normally run before sunrise so it was really nice to run in the daylight.  After breakfast we met a friend at the park down from our house.  I made mention before about Colton trying new things since school started… well, here is proof!


With no encourage from Chris or I Colton jumped on this step/climbing thing at the park… I was surprised… seriously.  I know this probably is not a big deal for most three year olds, but my friend Christine can vouch that this is sort of a big deal for Colton – who will not even climb to the top of the Chick-Filet play equipment.


But he did it… and he was so proud of himself!  My little man is changing and growing up so fast.  Mmmmm!  I love this kid!



Karen Dawkins said...

HA!!! Your first line caught me -- running on Saturday. NOT AROUND HERE!!! Thanks to Irene.
I absolutely admire your ability to so poignantly record your kids' milestones!!! Very sweet.
You can create a book from your blog and your kids will be truly blessed!

Summer Jo said...

ahhh Karen - thanks! I would not have said "poignantly", but yes I try my best to document as much as I can so I can make a memory book! I am working on my 2010 book right now - maybe I will have it finished just in time to do the 2012 book! ha! Hope you survived Irene well!!

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