August 16, 2011

Ramblings of An Anxious Mother

August 16, 2011
Yesterday and Today I have really tried to soak in the moments with Colton because he starts K3 tomorrow.  I’m excited for him, but pretty anxious.  Yesterday was a “normal” day, but today we were off to the “city” for Claire’s 15 month check up. 

On the way to the pediatrician (an hour drive) Colton says “Mommy I’m sick” … he use to do that all the time and I just thought it was him seeking attention.  Well today he said it and five minutes later he vomited everywhere!  Me, being the diligent mommy that I am (insert sarcasm) did NOT have a spare set of clothes for him in my car.  Colton was totally cool, calm and collected about the whole ordeal.  It was mainly on his shorts (covered his blanket) so I stripped him down to his tshirt and underwear and wrapped him in a towel (yes, I did not have a change of clothes, but I did have a towel… go figure!) from the waste down.  He walked into the pediatricians office and later Marshalls (so I could buy him a pair of shorts) wrapped in a towel.  He thought it was neat… haha.  Join the discussion here about kids are car sickness and leave your tips!

Most visits to the pediatrician end with me soaking wet from sweat (yeah I know, what a pretty picture) and desperately in need of ear plugs!  The problem is Claire hates for the physician or nurse to mess with her (the pediatrician keeps telling me this is developmentally normal…haha) and so she cries screams and thus Colton gets upset.  So I’m usually trying to get Claire to cooperate so the nurse can weigh and measure he growth and at the same time reassuring Colton that she is fine.  Today though was a breeze!  I could not believe it.  Claire was not a happy camper, but the nurse and pediatrician were quick and Colton just hung out wrapped up in his towel asking if it was time for him to get a sticker.  I cannot believe I did not not think to get a picture of him in his towel!

After leaving the pediatrician we headed to Marshalls for shorts and a few other items and then Chick-filet.  It was a nice calm morning/early afternoon.  It was really nice hanging out with the two of them with no schedule in mind.  Colton has been the sweetest little guy today which is going to make tomorrow even more bitter sweet.  Sigh.

Oh yeah, and Claire played in the play area for the first time.  I am not a big fan of play areas at restaurants, but Colton wanted to play so I complied.  Claire really enjoyed herself!!

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