August 20, 2011

Summer Portrait Session

August 20, 2011
We had a casual summer portrait session a few weeks ago with a wonderful photographer friend.  I thought for sure that both of my children were to the age that they would cooperate well and we could get a ton of great photos.  Well… Colton did great, but Claire was a busy body wanted to check out all that was happening.  Through the chaos she still did manage to snap some great photos!


Linds said...


I want to know how you make the collages where you can click on the pictures like that!

Summer Jo said...

Linds I use Windows Live Write to put together my blog posts... it makes blogger SOOOO much easier and better... I talked about it here:

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Your children are absolutely adorable! Great photos!

Summer Jo said...

Thank you Erin!

Alicia said...

what beautiful children!!

Summer Jo said...

Thanks you Alicia!

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