September 27, 2011

Anniversaries & Pregnancies

September 27, 2011

My sister in law celebrated her second wedding anniversary this week.  I love thinking about her wedding for multiple reasons.  First, it was such a fun and exciting weekend and secondly this was right after we found out I was pregnant with Claire.  The morning sickness was about a week away so I was able to enjoy the wedding festivities. 


She got married at The General Morgan Inn in Greenville, Tennessee.  The Inn is historic and beautiful.  It rained all day on Saturday, but did not detour us from having lots of fun!

9-26-09 Allison's Wedding (136)9-26-09 Allison's Wedding (84)

However, I was hungry the entire time, but could not tell anyone why! With both pregnancies Chris and I kept them a secret for a while. We wanted to first wait until our first doctors appointment to make sure everything checked out okay and even then just told close family until the first trimester was over.  I loved that only Chris and I (and the Lord of course) knew I was pregnant – it was our little secret for a while and we enjoyed it that way!

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