September 8, 2011


September 8, 2011

My mom has a ton of brothers and sisters so growing up I had a slew of cousins that I always played with.  I have at least 5 cousins on my mothers side that are within 2 years of me so needless to say I had someone to play with at all times! 

Our siblings (Chris and myself) do not live in the same area as us so we normally only see each other on holidays.  Colton and Claire are the youngest of the 5 grandchildren in my husbands family – for now.  Colton loves his cousins and just wants to be right where they are at all times.  He is happy just being around them – even if he really isn’t doing anything.  This was the first visit that Colton did not spent the entire time trying to hug them which in turn bugs them to death, especially the boys.  There is a 5 year age difference between Colton and the 2 older boys so he cannot do the things they do, but he did enjoy snuggling down with them in front of the television labor day weekend.


I think the smile in this picture says it all!


A few hours later I walked into the living room to find him once again snuggled up with his cousins…this time on the couch and Evie decided to join in…


and then Claire too…


My two are extremely lovable and just wanted to pet on Evie.  Evelyn being the girly girl that she is did not want her hair to be get messed up by their “petting”.


I love seeing the bond my children are already developing with their cousins and cannot wait to see it blossom and grow as they get older!

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