September 16, 2011

Favorite Find Friday–Bella Band

September 16, 2011
When you are pregnant finding the right fit of clothes is often very difficult.  This is most true when you are in that awkward in between stage.  You know, the place where your regular clothes are too tight and uncomfortable, but most maternity clothes are big and unflattering.  During my second pregnancy I found the solution to this problem, it was the Bella Band
 by Ingrid & Isabel.

I loved to wear my regular non pregnancy jeans – low rise from Express – they are super soft and comfy.  For a while I could make it work with just looping a rubber band through button hole, but as my belly grew that was just not an option.  The button would show and the pants would ride low and the very thought of my mid drift enormous baby bump showing made me cringe.  The Bella Bandtook care of all this!  I ditched the rubber band and simply pulled the Bella Band up to cover the top part of my jeans and my stomach.  The bands are made from spandex and nylon so it held up my pants and was not bothersome at all – in fact it was very comfortable.  You really get the best of both worlds!  Its also no big deal if you can see it because it looks like you are wearing a camisole under your top, which I often do.

This is me (I cannot believe I am showing this picture!) at Claire’s shower, 18 days before I gave birth.  I was wearing my non pregnancy jeans with my handy Bella Band.

The bands can be pricey, I think they generally run around $26.00, but it was the best $26.00 I spent in terms of maternity clothes.  I gained more use from this purchase than any other.  The bands come in various colors, sizes, and you can get them in the everyday style or in a lace option which has a lace trim.  So for all your pregnant mommas out there – go purchase your Bella Band
This review is my own personal opinion and I was in no way compensated.

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