September 10, 2011


September 10, 2011

Life for me and I am sure many of you is about goals.  You set goals and aim to achieve them and check them off your list.  Sometimes goals are as simple as getting a list of home tasks completed for the day or maybe something a little more difficult like dropping 30 pounds before your 15 year high school reunion. 

For several years I have been talking about doing a half marathon.  In 2008 I was up to six miles on my long run and bam (yep, just like that… haha) I got pregnant.  For the next 20 weeks I could barely move off the couch due to the morning all day sickness.  Needless to say the running stopped.  The next summer I had a newborn and well… training for 13.1 miles was just not going to happen.  This cycle was then repeated for the next two years when we welcomed Claire almost two years to the day that we welcomed our first born.  So here I am four years later trying to hit the pavement and hit is hard!

Growing up I was never made to finish anything.  Seriously, nothing … well, maybe doing the dishes or laundry, but when it came to extracurricular activities finishing was never a priority in our home.  I have been a self motivated person most of my life, but I will admit that I too sometimes need that external push.  My husband was brought up very differently and we plan to bring up our children that same way.  On my running route in the mornings I have ran into a dad a son – I am assuming the son is maybe high school age – he could possibly be even younger.  The dad is out there at 5:30 am working with his son, pushing him, encouraging him … last time I ask the son was up to 3 miles – the dad was so proud!  Every time I pass the kid on my route I throw out a “great job” – another reason I LOVE running so much – the camaraderie between runners.  Seeing this dad with his son gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside – I cannot wait to be able to encourage our children in their extra curricular activities.  Soon enough Chris will out there teaching Colton to hit a baseball and I cannot wait.  Yeah, I will be that crazy momma in the stands – easy to spot!

Okay… back to where I was – Goals.  So here I am – I have set my goal.  I have just completed my 3rd week of a 12 week training schedule for a half marathon on November 20th!  There – I said it… I have put it out there – so now I HAVE to do it!!  Right?  I keep telling myself that I need to actually sign up for the race to make it official.  Have I not signed up for it because I still have a lot of self doubt???  The answer is a big fat YES!

Obviously, I have been running longer than 3 weeks, but I have been following an actual training schedule for the past 3 weeks.  I am running 3 days a week (need to up it to 4) with a long run on Saturdays.  My runs this week looked like this:

Tuesday – 3 miles – 29 minutes

Wednesday – 3.54 miles – 35 minutes

Saturday – 5 miles – 50 minutes

Hopefully I can keep it and keep increasing my mileage and after November 20th I can slap a big 13.1 sticker on my car window!

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