September 28, 2011

Mommy’s Bed

September 28, 2011

One of the biggest treats for Colton and now even Claire is to get to lay in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.  We have never allowed our two to sleep in the bed with us (there have been a few minor exceptions).  They have always slept in their own beds and they actually prefer it that way, especially Claire.

On an occasional Saturday I would sleep in, and by sleep in I mean I did not get up before the children – which translates into sleeping until 8am - MAX.  Chris generally gets Colton up and if I were still in the bed Colton would run in and jump in the bed with me.  He loves it.  He says, “I want to lay in Mommy’s bed”.

Sometimes at bedtime we will put him up in our bed to cuddle or even read books, sing and do bedtime prayers.  It tickles me to see how excited it makes him.  It is so cute to see how much of a big deal it is to him to get to do this.


Here they both are Tuesday night…

Colton was so sick last week and he spent the majority of Monday thru Thursday in our bed.  From the time he woke up until the time he went to his bed.  He watched cartoons in our bed, he napped in our bed and sometimes he even let me cuddle with him in our bed.  One morning he woke at 8am and went back to my bed at 9:30am to take a nap – I heard him crying and went up and he ask me to lay down with him.  I had so much that I needed to get done around the house, but my little man needed me more!  And how many more times am I going to be able to enjoy moments like that!?  So I hunkered down with him and he snuggled up into my neck and we both took a nap.  It was so nice.

And once again Wednesday morning…


I cherish little moments like this and hope to enjoy many more of them … well, many more of them, but with no one sick!

Ahhh…. I love my babies.

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