September 12, 2011

Mom’s Tips Monday–Weekly Cleaning Schedule

September 12, 2011

Three years ago when I first became a stay at home mom I had so many preconceived notions of how things would go.  My first thought was, “wow… I am home all day so I will be able to keep my house clean and have dinner prepared every evening for my husband”.  This all sounded a lot easier than it actually was – at least for me.  I have since realized that when you are home all day – you use your home so it does not STAY clean or picked up.  There are some days when I sweep my kitchen floor 3 times – seriously!  Oh, and do not even get me started on the laundry – the four of us changed clothes 2-3 times a day (which is absurd) and this makes for piles and piles of laundry.  One of my first Mom’s Tips Monday was actually about Organizing Your Laundry

Trying to keep my house clean and de-cluttered has overwhelmed me more times than I can count.  I soon realized that there is always going to be something that needs to be cleaned or put away or straightened up, but my children are not always going to be little – so I gave up on having a perfect house and developed a cleaning schedule where I do certain task on certain days.  For a while the schedule was just in my head, but this past week I put it on paper.  I am going to use it over the next few weeks making changes as necessary and hopefully will end up with a great schedule that works well for everyone. 

I ask a group of moms if they scheduled their cleaning duties and they all shared some great tips!  Check out their tips and if you get time go check out their blogs:

  • Jill author of Blessed Beyond A Doubt - I have used Motivated Mom for years. I divide the chores each day amongst my children. Works great for me! We just do a little each day!
  • Mary at Genuinely Jarman - This made me smile because I have completely failed at keeping all the balls in the air this week.  It turns out the key was just asking for help from the very kiddos who create the mess...  Who knew?  Confessions post here.  More confessions here.
  • Kyle author of Socks in the Dishwasher - When I started staying home last year I set up a cleaning schedule for myself and it helps a ton.  My goal is to be able to get most things cleaned within a 30 minute time slot each day.  I have a smaller home so maybe that's why it's quicker.  Here's my routine:  Monday:  Laundry and dust.  Tuesday:  Bathroom counters, mirrors, and toilets.  Wednesday:  Scrub kitchen floor.  Thursday:  Bathtubs, showers, and bathroom floors.  Friday:  Vacuum.  The kitchen I assume is a daily cleaning job and often I will do an extra load or two of laundry during the week.  I've even started doing some laundry on Sunday evening just to get a start on the week.
  • Myrrh - I have been loosely using House Honcho.  She has a room schedule and each day (except Sunday) email a list of three simple tasks to clean that room, three medium, and three challenging. You're suppose to pick any three (not all nine!) and clean in that room.  It is SO much more relaxed than Fly Lady (whose emails are just overwhelming.) I do clean other things other day on a need basis, but it gives me some direction.
  • Author of There’s Just One Mommy - Back in the spring I decided I HAD to come up with a schedule.  I was just going nuts trying to clean with little kids!  I've got it worked out so that on Mondays I do sheets (it's amazing how long we went without them getting cleaned before), quick dusting with the vac attachment, and vacuum.  I also spray down the most used toys with Lysol that day.  Later in the week I have bathroom cleaning day.  I try to stick to doing laundry only 1 or 2 days in the week - of course with little ones that changes sometimes!  It took a few weeks to get used to my schedule, but now it's just second nature.  And it is amazing how fast I can get things done!
  • Michelle author of Appetite for Culinary Bliss- I have done weekly menu planning, & it helps SO much during the busy week.  I'll make a large meal at the beginning of the week, and the leftovers usually last at least another day or two.  It saves money, too.  :)
  • Mary author of Life in our Castle - I have a calendar (printed off the computer so nothing fancy) and I write down what day I cleaned what so that I don't forget and so that I can keep to my schedule. And so that I don't go more than a week without cleaning something. Whatever it is. Without the calendar, I've gone two weeks without cleaning a bathroom (that never gets used so don't get grossed out), but it's amazing how dirty an unused bathroom can get.

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