September 12, 2011

Mom’s Tips Monday–Weekly Meal Planning Take 2

September 12, 2011

The first Mom’s Tips Monday Weekly Meal Planning was such a big hit and the ideas have continued to roll in so I thought it necessary to do a second post!  Check out what some of these moms had to say about meal planning.  Some of their ideas are great!  Oh yeah, and check out the new menu I attached at the bottom.

  • Lindsi author of Toys in the Dryer plans her meals out for an entire month! - I make a calendar for 2 months at a time...that way when I don't feel like doing it the following month I already have it done. I save the meal plans in a binder and then after a year I have 12 months of calendars/meal plans. Then in January I will already have the month done because I completed/saved it from last year.  My GOAL is to not repeat a meal for 2 months unless it is a HUUUUUUGE favorite (i.e tacos are a big deal in our home so we have those once a month).  I use a bunch of websites online to get recipes from and print them out. I three hole punch them and save them.  Sounds like a lot of work but it is awesome! Once you get thru the first year you pretty much never have to do it again, if you don't want to. Calendar
  • Angie author of Healthy Living Blog - Meal planning does make the week go smoother! I really need to start up again. Summer was chaos!!!! I find it helps to meal plan on the Friday to start on Monday...then you have time to see what is on sale in the grocery flyers!
  • Brandi author of B Street by Brandi - I meal plan... Start on Sundays and at least make two dinners that evening in case the middle of the week is hectic, there is always something ready to just be heated up to eat! Good tip to plan on Friday's though to see what will be on sale at the grocery stores :)
  • Abbigail - I have a list of dinners we like and eat regularly and I then check my cabinets to see what I have that goes with meals we eat and then make a list of 7 meals we will eat then grocery shop for the rest of the stuff. I dont have it planned for which day but I pick one based on what kind of time or just generally what I feel like cooking and it works. Not to structured but structured enough and I found I save money when write a list and stick to it.
  • Emily - Meal/menu planning 100% making grocery shopping easier and less expensive! I make a list and don't buy anything that isn't on it. I use to wander around trying to come up with meals as I went down the aisles and that was always a mistake, lol!  I look for recipes that can be made in the Crock pot or can last more than one meal!  If you are into Crock pot meals, def check out . I've tried a couple of their recipes and they were great!
  • Stephanie author of Crestview Heights Academy has a really awesome and well thought out system! - I use blank business cards to plan my meals.  I wrote about it here.
  • Brit author of Living with 3 Boys of Our Own - Meal planning by the week helps me a ton, but batch cooking has been my true life saver! I cook every Tuesday and make all my meals (+ extra) for the week. Keeping my freezer stocked handles all of those crazy late afternoons! You can see how I batch cook and get lots of recipes on my blog, just click on batch cooking!
  • Karlynn author of Our Fully Caffeinated Life - I have a friend who does "once a month cooking" and has her meals planned for the entire month.  She has 5 children (2 just headed off to college this year) and has been doing this since they were little.  She takes one of her kids with her each month for their major shopping trip and then she takes a weekend to prepare everything.  She said it has saved her sanity more times than she cares to admit. That is my goal:  once a month cooking -- but I'm going to start with once a week.  :)
On the menu

If you would like this printable for yourself click on the image – it will open up in a new window.  Then, right click and choose to “save image as…” and save it to your computer.  I have sized it to letter size.

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