September 28, 2011


September 28, 2011

This little girl is so rotten.  Seriously!  The other night we had just finished eating dinner and put her down – she immediately heads off through the house on a mission of her own.  She comes back to the dinning room with Colton’s bowl of mac&cheese and his fork.  Chris and I were so tickled!


Do you notice the grainy picture?  Well… this is all thanks to Claire as well.  She pulled my DSLR off the table onto the hardwood floor breaking my lens!  I have been lost without my camera – I use it every day.  It may be just to snap one picture, but nonetheless I snap at least one everyday.  I shipped the lens off to Nikon hoping it can be fixed because I am in no mood to fork out the dough for a new one – crossing my fingers it can be repaired!  For now it is the old Olympus point in shoot – I guess I will manage… ha ha.

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