September 22, 2011

Sick babies

September 22, 2011

For two days last week Claire had a high temperature.  It ran 102 plus for 2 days.  It was horrible, she felt so bad and there was really no explanation for the high fever.  After the two days she seemed fine and immediately re-gained her appetite – she’s a heft eater to say the least.  My assumption the entire time was it was simply something viral. 

Friday afternoon, around dinner time it hit Colton.  We try to do Pizza on Friday or Saturday because Colton loves it so much – so I made him pizza and went to get him to come to the dinning room table and he was scorching hot.  Yep, I told myself, he has caught whatever Claire had.  The feeling bad went on into Saturday and then Sunday he started complaining that his mouth was hurting and would not eat anything.  The next morning I took him straight into the pediatrician – I was sure he probably had strep. 

Colton has never had anything other than the common cold and the stomach bug a few times.  He appeared to be in so much pain just trying to swallow.  A thirty dollar co-pay and one doctors visit later we still had no answers.  The strep test came back negative, all his blood work came back great – she examined him thoroughly (mouth, ears, body, etc.…) and came up with nothing.  I was happy to know that it was not strep and there was no infection, but I hated not knowing what was wrong with him.  It has been almost a week and Colton is still sick.  He has not been able to talk since Monday, today his voice is a little stronger, but he is coughing like crazy!  I think he is getting strangled on mucus (I know this is gross!) and that is what is causing the constant coughing.  A few times he has even thrown up.  I am just beside myself because I do not know what to do and quite frankly I am tired of catching vomit in my hands.  The only thing I can do is give him cough medicine along with pumping him full of pro-biotics and silverbiotics in hopes of it helping him combat this issue.  He is lethargic because he has not eaten much.  He has for sure dropped a few pounds this week and if you know Colton you know he does not have the pounds to lose.

Every time I go to complain I stop myself because this is just a little viral cold and there are so many other parents out there dealing with young children with serious illnesses.  September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and I could not imagine the thought of one of my children being diagnosed with such a horrible disease.  There are strides being made daily in the fight against cancer in children, but our help is still needed.  Is there a children’s hospital close to you where you can help?  We are fortunate to have Children’s Hospital  in Knoxville – East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.  If you are interested you can see how to help them here and then there is also St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis.  A close girlfriend of mine is helping to bring awareness by running in the St. Jude’s marathon in December.  I am sure there are ways you can help in your area – if not you could look into one of the many national organizations.  Do you part in supporting the fight against childhood cancer – whether it is running a race, purchasing an event ticket, or simply sending in a donation of any size – these charities need our help!

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