October 13, 2011


October 13, 2011

I have been tracking my runs religiously.  When I first decided to train for a half marathon I found a good training schedule and put it on a calendar.  The calendar hangs on my fridge where I look at it every day. 


This has helped me to be accountable to the pavement.  For the most part I am running Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, but there have been several weeks when have had to change my week day runs to Tuesday/Thursday.


Each day I write down my distance and then mark through the day with a highlighter.  I also use daily mile to track my progress.  I love seeing the mileage add up!  Since I began using daily mile back in February I have logged a little over 166 miles.  I love seeing that number increase!  Seeing how I like setting goals so much I am thinking about setting a mileage goal for next year.  I would love to be able to log 1000 miles in a year!

How do you stay accountable to your goals?

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