October 14, 2011

Birth Marks

October 14, 2011
Claire was born right before 10pm and I did not make it into my room until around midnight on a very hot day in May.  That first night the nurse brought her to me to long enough to breastfeed and then would immediately take her back so I could get a few hours of rest.  It was not until later in the morning when I had the energy to unwrap my little big bundle of joy and check her out from head to toe.  It was then that I first notices her birth mark on her left leg.


Later when I scanned through pictures of her birth I noticed it too… wow, she was a big newborn!
The type of birth mark/mole that she has is called a congenital nevi and occurs in one in 100 people and occurs at birth.  As with most birth marks, it has become more prominent and noticeable.  This type of mole actually has hair growing in it.  The hair in Claire’s birth mark has become thicker, longer and darker thus being very noticeable.  I have seen her pull the hair from time to time and just this week she brushed it with her toothbrush!  I could not help, but to crack up at her.

We have taken her to my dermatologist regularly to have it examined.  They look for color changes, changes in size and any other strange abnormalities none of which has been a concern so far.  The dermatologist has not seemed alarmed by the mole, but our pediatrician is always bothered by it and always wants to review her medical records from the dermatologist.

We have ask the dermatologist and a pathologist friend about removal and both have said that the earliest any physician would consider removal is probably around age five.  From what I understand the removal process takes place in multiple step thus allowing for less scaring.  They would remove it in sections and stretch the skin.  A mole this size could possibly take up to four surgeries.  There is always risk with surgery, but there is also a risk in the mole turning into melanoma later in life.

For now we will be waiting and watching – looking for any significant changes.  We will also be visiting a few other dermatologist to get more opinions and praying that the Lord will lead us in making the right decisions for our little ones.


Do you make normal visits to your dermatologist?  Have you or your children had any birth marks or moles removed?  Please share your stories.

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