October 17, 2011

Mom’s Tips Monday–Surviving Cold & FLu Season

October 17, 2011

A few weeks ago Colton came down with a terrible cold.  It began with a really high temperature and turned into a week long stint at home.  This is his first year in pre-school and he has never been in daycare, so he is being exposed to a slew of germs that his body simply is not use to.  We fought off the cold with some natural remedies and lots of rest!  Meanwhile I gathered some great tips from some fellow mom bloggers.  Check out what they had to say about surviving the cold and flu season.

  • Amy author of Me, Chloe and the boy! - Emergen - C.  We love it.  If one of us feels we may be getting sick, we all take it for a couple of days.  Not to mention just regular vitamins and then an extra vit C tablet daily.
  • Melissa author of A Heavenly Journey – Hand washing, hand washing, hand washing! :-) Avoid sharing food or drinks, especially at school.  Get adequate rest.  Take your vitamins.  And if your kiddo is sick, keep them home. Stop the spread of disease before it starts.
  • Alli - If I get so much as a tickle in my throat as a family, we all do hydrogen peroxide in our ears.  We lay down, pour some in our ears and lay there until it stops bubbling and fizzing, then we just dump it into a towel and do the other side.  Our doctor says that a lot of germs get in through our ears so it is a good way to kill germs!  I did it last night when I was feeling terrible and my ear was aching in the middle of the night- I feel so much better today!  We do this with our 15 month old, too, we snuggle her, and she usually will lay relatively still :)  My mom does this for weekly maintenance when she is around people with colds.  (Along with Emergen-C!)
  • Lisa author of Roerdink Ramblings - Elderberry. Made into a syrup or a tincture, it is more effective than any flu shot ever on the market.
  • Hand wash, hand sanitize (when necessary), and vitamins. I take airborne also and have stayed pretty healthy! I add the orange tablet of airborne to a glass of orange juice and you cant even taste it!
  • Jenny author of Home is where you start from - I really emphasize washing hands to my kids- specially during cold and flu season...washing with soap when you get home, before you eat...try to teach them not to put their hands in their mouths.
  • Linds author of A Dollop of My Life - We use Purel like it's going out of style. I call it "magic lotion" with the boys, so Brayden already knows that we put it on every time we get in the car. If we're at a place where we eat out, then we purel before we eat, and after we eat, and then after we leave. I also try to pump them with vitamins and natural forms of vitamin C (think orange juice and oranges!) all during winter.

It seems like everyone will agree on proper hand washing.  I am certainly going to do a better job about working on this with Colton.  Share any tips that you may have and meanwhile check out some of these other blogs!

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