October 18, 2011

Our Day At DollyWood

October 18, 2011
We spent one day (well… half of a day) at Dollywood while we were on our trip to the Smokies.
Colton remembered most of the rides from our trip earlier this summer
On that trip I rode in the pigs with Claire…this time was big enough to ride all by herself!
PA060063  PA060065  PA060066  PA060064
After the pigs they rode the ducks… I made the mistake of putting them both in the same seat.  Claire wanted to push the button in the middle and Colton panicked the entire time because he was not sure what the button would do and did not want Claire to push it … ahhh… sibling love.
PA060067  PA060071
Claire and I rode the elephants together.  This is one of my favorite kiddie rides… you push a button and the ride goes really high – Claire loved it!  I was happy to see that I managed to get a good picture with my little miss!
Later, Colton and Claire got to pet a 4 month old Belgium horse.  She was beautiful and so big.  It was hard to believe that she was only 4 months old.
Colton ended the day just how he started, with Papaw.  This time he was completely tuckered out and ready to go back to the cabin.

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