October 13, 2011


October 13, 2011

Monday we returned home from a small vacation to the Smokey Mountains.  This is our sixth year spending fall with the Brooks’ in one of my father in laws beautiful cabins.  We have made so many great memories in these cabins.  It was during one of these trips that Chris announced to the family that we were expecting Colton.  The next year we spent Colton’s first vacation in the same exact cabin.  Here he is at four months old with his great grandmother otherwise know as Nanny.

10-23-08 (28)

We indeed had fun and made memories on this trip, but for me it was a trip where I gained so much more – perspective.  Our family is in the midst of dealing with curve balls that have been sent our way.  Curve balls that we knew would likely happen, we just did not know how quickly and I certainly was not aware of how it would affect me.  See, our sweet Nanny, the glue that has for so many years bonded this family together has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and apparently her case is very aggressive.  This disease is so ugly and is one that effects an entire family.  So this week I think we all made memories, but most of all we all gained a load of perspective.  I have taken the time to step back and look at my life from a wider view point and acknowledge the things that are really important.

It is often easy to forget how precious life is and how easily someone can be taken from us.  I know I have on to many occasions taken these family vacations and many others for granted or just simply not enjoying the time with loved ones as I should.  This is something that I hope to change.  I need to make more of a conscience effort to enjoy my loved ones more.

Sometimes it takes sorrow and pain to gain any sort of perspective, but the psalmist reminds us time and time again that the Lord is our refuge and it is with Him that we will find peace and comfort.

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