November 28, 2011

auction Idea–Praying Hands

November 28, 2011

Our school auction is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  This year I really wanted to incorporate some classroom “crafts” to have in the live auction.  While searching the internet I saw so many amazing ideas, but when I ran w this picture I knew I had to do this!

praying hands                                                        Source: Cavalier Pride Auction

Running short on time I knew that doing this and having it framed was not an option.  My first thought was to do a photo book, but then I ran across another great photo collage on Pinterest.

photo collage-10blog                                    Source: Bits of Everything

Bits of Everything is an awesome blog where five different sisters share all their great ideas.  On this particular post one of the sisters shows you how to make a fun photo collage using a black foam board, mod podge, and some of your favorite photos.

Here is what I created:


I will admit that my first go round was a big flop!  My biggest mistake was that I used Matte mod podge and I used WAAYYYY too much!  The mod podge streaks, but if you use the shiny opposed to the matte you get a much better look without the streaking.  I also used a very small foam brush and I think it would have been easier with a larger brush. 

This project was so simple.  Using a X-acto paper trimmer I cut the pictures to size, in this one I used 4x4 photos.  Then I used permanent double stick tape to secure the pictures down before using the mod podge.  Then I put on a layer of mod podge and let it dry completely.  Finishing up the project I put a legend on the back so parents would know who’s hands were who’s. 

Last minute (the night before the auction) I decided to make a second one using another set of class photos.  This time I put the pictures on a piece of canvas rather than foam board.  The look of pictures was much nicer on canvas, however the double stick tape did not work as well on the canvas as it did on the foam board.  If I were doing it again I think I would try to glue down the pictures with the mod podge first rather than using the tape.

Both of these projects (I did not take a picture of the one on canvas) cost about $10 each to make and raised a couple hundred.  I call that a successful project!

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