November 30, 2011

Believing Boldly–Tim Tebow

November 30, 2011

Its no secret that I love college football.  I love the passion of the game and the elite competition that comes with the SEC.  When Tim Tebow made his college football debut with the University of Florida everything within me wanted to not like him simply because he played for Florida.  Hey, were SEC rivals, its just part of it.  But the fact is, he is just so darn likable!

For me it was initially the way he played the game – he had/has the heart of a lion, of a champion.  He was/is a competitor in every since of the word.  It was exciting to see him play and a thrill to hear him talk about the game of college football.  I remember the first time I realized he had scripture written under his eyes in paint, I thought, “oh cool”… but as time went on we learned more and more about his faith.  About how he spent his summers on mission trips with his father and his genuine love for the Lord.  How could you possibly not want someone like this to be successful?

As Tebow has made his entrance into the world of the national football league it seems his faith has been talked about as much as his passing game.  You actually have people asking, “does Tim Tebow’s expression of faith cross the line?”.  The critics have been relentless and the mocking has been like grade school antics.  Detroit Lions players Tulloch and Scheffler mocked Tebow during their game with the Broncos by doing what they have termed “Tebowing”.

Jen Floyd Engel from Fox Sports Exclusive wrote a terrific article called Why the heck do we hate Tim Tebow .  In the article she post the question, “What if Tim Tebow were a Muslim?”  If he were Muslims and was turning toward Mecca to give thanks to Allah – would he be mocked then??  Would people be ridiculing his faith then!?  And if they did, what would happen!?  Well, we know what would happen – the media would come out by the masses criticizing those who were mocking.  She sums up her article by saying “We have become so enamored of politically correct dogma that we protect every minority from even the slightest blush of insensitivity while letting the very institutions that the majority holds dear to be ridiculed. And this defense that Tebow invites such scrutiny with his willingness to publicly live as he privately believes calls into question what exactly it is we value.”

Tebow has handled the critics with grace and humility.  The bottom line is this – he makes people uncomfortable because his belief in our Lord is real and it is visible!  This is what I call Believing BOLDLY!.


There is no doubt that God has a plan to use this young man in a mighty way.  Tebow has said before (I’m paraphrasing of course), “I am His instrument to be used as he sees fit”.  Friend, God wants to use you too!  He has a plan for all of us.  So I urge you (and I urge myself) live you Christian life with boldness and zeal – let your light shine!

Oh yeah, Go Broncos!

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