November 3, 2011

Frozen Cheesecake

November 3, 2011

This delicious recipe comes to us all the way from Sweden!  Bebe is a twenty something housewife who is discovering her skills in the kitchen and sharing it with the world.  We are fortunate enough to have her share her Frozen Cheesecake recipe with us!


  • 4 eggs - separate the egg yolks and the whites
  • 2 dl of granulated sugar - 1 dl weighs about 90 grams
  • 400 g of cream cheese
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar -It can be costly and difficult to obtain outside Europe, but can be simply made at home. Sometimes it can be replaced with vanilla extract, where one teaspoon equals one package. However, when it is needed as a topping, vanilla extract is unsuitable. -source: wikipedia
  • 4 dl whipping cream
  • 6 pieces digestive biscuits


  • Prepare a round spring form pan with 24cm diameter.
  • Crumble the digestive biscuits in the bottom of the pan.
  • Beat the egg yolks with sugar until fluffy.
  • Mash the cheese and mix in into vanilla sugar.
  • Stir them (the cheese+vanilla sugar) together with the egg yolks+sugar mixed (preferably in a food processor or with electric mixer).
  • Whip the cream in another bowl.
  • Mixed it together with the egg+cheese batter.
  • Beat the egg whites hard and stir gently into the batter also.
  • Pour batter in the pan and place in freezer overnight. 
  • Pull out and let it be in room temperature one hour before served.
  • Decorate it with icing sugar or fresh fruits.

Bebe has a large selection of delicious recipes with easy to follow cooking instructions and even some cooking video tutorials!  I plan on trying out her beef lasagna recipe sometime this week!

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