December 2, 2011

Auction Craft II–Fingerprint Tree

December 2, 2011

This item was my favorite thing in Colton’s school auction.  It was super easy and pretty inexpensive.  I ran across these trees on etsy and knew I had to use them for our school auction. 

My first thought was to use paint for the thumbprints, but then I found inexpensive stamp pads in the scrapbooking isle and knew that would work better.  I bought several different colors and let the teachers choose what they wanted to use.

This tree is from Colton’s K3 class:


This teacher decided to put the name of each student inside the thumbprint.  You will never believe what this picture went for!  I think the final bid was $600!


The other teacher did two trees, one tree without the names and then another with the names to use as a legend.  I cut around the shape of the second tree and used double stick tape to attach the legend to the back of the frame.

I purchased new mats because I did not like the ones that came with the frame.  The round mat was a pre-cut mat from Hobby Lobby which set me back about three dollars.  The first mat my mother in law cut to fit the frame.  All in all these beautiful trees cost about $30.00 to put together.  I’m thinking these would also make great Christmas presents for grandparents!

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