December 15, 2011

Christmas Presents

December 15, 2011

This is the first year where I feel like Colton is starting to grasp the concept of gift giving.  We have been talking about the gift of Christ and the birth of Jesus regularly.  Chris and I both do not want Christmas to be about the “magic”, but more so about the miracle that is Jesus.  In doing so we also want Colton (and Claire) to understand the importance of giving – not just receiving.

So I decided that we would pick up a few small gifts for Colton’s classmates, or “friends” as he refers to them.  He had so much fun stuffing each bag with odds and ends like pencils and stickers as well as cars for the boys and hair bows for the girls!


Monday we took the gifts to his school.  As we were walking into his classroom he was so excited, “my friends are going to love their presents” he said with such glee.  After school he was excited to tell me that he got to hand out the gifts and everyone was, “soooo happy”. 

Matthew 10 tells us “freely you have been given and so freely you should give.  Giving is definitely one of the best parts of Christmas!

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