December 21, 2011

Random Pictures

December 21, 2011

Claire broke my point-and-shoot camera (imagine that… not the first camera she has broken) so before trashing the camera I pulled off all the old photos.

PA120005  PA120009PA120018  PA120021

I cannot believe I had not posted some of these before. This was back in October … the kitchen door was open and before I knew it Claire had darted to play in the rain. She was enjoying herself so much that I did not have the heart to pull her in before taking some pictures and letting her enjoy herself some more.


My friend Christine always makes jokes about how my kids appear to be double jointed.  There were a few weeks when occasionally I would walk in to get Colton up from his nap and he would be without his shirt… I will have to say though that this position was a first.  So sweet!


She loves to play in my makeup!

PA130041   PA130049

We pulled out this bouncy seat for my new little niece and Claire decided she wanted to sit in it… she uses it all the time now!


Claire wanted to use the Boppy!


I cannot remember for the life of me why I was wanting to take a picture of Colton this particular morning before school.  I do remember however that Chris was irritated with me because they were running late and it was pouring outside and I wanted to take a picture… ha ha


Purse – check, Ming Ming – check, Shopping Cart – check!  She loves that purse!


Enjoying a few minutes with daddy!

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