December 14, 2011

Welcome Home

December 14, 2011

I was so excited when I found out that Chris’s flight home was going to be early enough that the children and I could pick him up!


Colton has accompanied me a few times to the airport to greet Chris, but this was Claire’s first trip.  Most of their flights do not land until really late … too late to have these two out.


We arrived a little early so the kids a time to play at the terminal.  We have a small (only one terminal), but very nice airport.


The big wide open space offered lots of room to run …

DSC_0096  DSC_0098

and look for airplanes out the window.

Chris called when his plane landed and we anxiously waited for him to walk through the gate.  Colton and Claire kept yelling for him.


And FINALLY … they arrived!


Papaw got to Claire first, but she had eyes only for Daddy!



These moments… are absolutely priceless.


Now this is definitely a happy face!


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