January 27, 2012

Cell Phone Pics

January 27, 2012

This week I was scanning through the pictures on my phone and could not believe I still had some of them… I wanted to share!


Claire was four months old in these two pictures.  We were driving to the beach… I think maybe she was just starting to teethe.  The first picture cracks me up every time I look at it.  She was so terrible on that car ride!  We drove halfway and stopped in Atlanta and finished our trip to Destin the next day … she has never been a good traveler. 


This little guy though – he has always been the best traveler!  It is so weird now to see Colton with a pacifier!  Uncle Tom taught Colton how to give a thumbs up … he did this forever!  In this picture he was giving Daddy two thumbs up while he was pumping gas.


I have SO many pictures of Claire with her feet in her mouth!


Eating at a Oyster Bar in Destin.  This was moments before Colton vomited EVERYWHERE!  The waiter was so sweet – he came and cleaned it up!





The picture above we were on our way to a fall festival at one of the local schools.  I think the picture below was one of Claire’s first times in a shopping cart without the car seat.


I remember taking this picture – this was Christmas 2010 and Colton loved his Tennessee Santa Hat.   I am sure he was probably standing there (at the Lake) watching Farm Animals (Baby Einstein movie) … he looks so little!


This was one of my favorite outfits on Claire!  She is actually wearing that same hat right now while she is playing out on the patio.


These are blurry, but still cute :) … She has always been a busy body.


Just love that look!


Go Big Orange!!


Riding in the cart at Sams.  Notice the blankie in tow – where we go the blankie goes.


She has always been a Daddy’s girl – this is Daddy multitasking on a Sunday morning before Church.  Isn’t he a handsome dude!


February 2011 – her first really bad boo-boo… Pretty sure this was entirely my fault :(


For some reason I think this is in the pediatrician office waiting room, but I am not totally sure and for the life of me I cannot figure out what she is holding.


He is such a cutie pie!  Gobble gobble him up!  This was March 2011 – hard to think that he has changed that much!


Love that smile and her hat!




This was Claire’s first girly moment.  We were in Atlanta visiting family and going to the aquarium.  Claire pulled my make up bag out of my suitcase and made herself at home in the floor.



Yes, we shop at Sams a lot :) … our friends actually tease us about it.  As most of you know they mark your receipt as you walk out the door.  Well Colton has to hold the receipt and they have to put him a smiley face on it – he gets so excited!


This was the weekend of my Father in Laws and my birthday… this is the last birthday that I choose to acknowledge – I a currently 29 and holding!  I was enjoying Papaw’s Tennessee snuggie and a nap … Claire just wanted her Daddy – go figure!



Okay, I often take pictures of my kids sleeping in the car… I am not sure why, I just do.  Both of these were after trips to Knoxville to visit friends.  They may have even been after swim lessons which absolutely exhausted Colton.  Once again, totally weird to see that pacy in his mouth!


Claire 11 months old drinking her nighttime milk in our bed… she still does this every night.



This is the bridge going over the Lake where my husband’s father lives.  It is the most beautiful lake when it is full and it was certainly full when I snapped this photo.



It is rare that we buy ice cream.  Very rare.  On this day Chris darted through the drive thru at a Buddy’s BBQ and bought a cone for us to share.  Colton said, “momma what’s that?” … so I let him have a lick.  Needless to say he LOVED it, but about 6 licks later he was over it.


This was 2 months before Colton turned three.  This was probably his third haircut!  Yes, my children take forever to get hair!


Here we are … at Sams again.  Claire loved the Baby Bjorn and it certainly made shopping with two little ones a lot easier.  I miss carrying her around like this.


July 2011 - Holding Hands… too precious!


She insisted on wearing these sunglasses to dinner …



These two were exhausted after a day of shopping (Dec. 2011).


This is our fifth family member.  Claire’s new baby doll.  I had to put a stop to Claire taking the baby to bed with her because she would just play with it… so guess where the baby has to sleep – Mommy & Daddy’s bed.


yes… its blurry … but I had to post this.  Chris’ mom has a super long driveway and Chris use to always let our nephew Bryson drive up it … now Colton does – just sweet memories for us.


I think it is time for me to get a phone with a better camera.

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