January 10, 2012

Christmas Morning

January 10, 2012
I’m a little late on getting our Christmas posts up, but it has been kind of hectic around here since Christmas. The holidays were nice. Chris and I both were more excited than we have been in years. Colton is older so he understands more and the children have each other to enjoy the Christmas season.

The holiday was spent a little different than what we are use. This was the first time in twelve years that I did not wake up at the Brooks’ house for Christmas and was my husbands first time ever!  Christmas fell on a Sunday and our house is 30 minutes closer to our church than my in-laws so we thought it would be much easier to stay home.  Also, this way the children could open their gifts from us before church on Christmas morning.


Chris and I were most excited about their new chairs.  They loved them too … Claire darted right for Colton's though... it was too funny.  Once we got them in their designated chairs we started opening gifts.


Like most toddlers they enjoyed taring open the gifts more than actually seeing what was behind the wrapping paper.


Colton received a John Deere tool belt and Claire a Tea Set.


Then Claire got her new Skip Hop back pack and Colton Lincoln Logs.  We have determined that it is going to take a lot more patience before he is ready for the Lincoln Logs.  For now I have enjoyed them more than he.


We have limited ourselves to getting the children only three gifts for Christmas.  It is so easy to go overboard and so easy to make Christmas about gift “receiving” so we needed something to help us keep it in perspective while still enjoying the gift part of Christmas.  When Jesus was born he was brought three gifts (Incense, Gold, and Myrrh) so we thought that buying three presents for each of them was very appropriate and in the future we can explain to them our reasoning while reminding them about the birth of our Savior.  However, we really never said anything about stockings and I had so much fun stuffing the stockings full of fun little surprises.  I particularly enjoyed when Colton saw his watch.


We finished up the morning with a wonderful church service.  I love when Christmas falls on Sunday … it feels so appropriate to be in the Lords house on the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus!


Then it was off to Papaws!

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