January 11, 2012

Entryway Makeover

January 11, 2012

Our entryways are anything but desirable.  We have a front entrance and a back entrance.  The back entrance is the one that is used most often.  Our front entrance opens into the children’s playroom and has carpet so we prefer for the back to be used.  Since we have moved into this home, the one thing I have wanted is an entryway makeover.  Somewhere to hang our coats/jackets and put our shoes.  We lack storage. 

At 3 1/2 years old it is time for Colton to start learning some responsibility – such as hanging up his own coat and backpack and putting his shoes in their appropriate place.  Were in the middle of a playroom makeover so what better time to add an entryway piece than now!?

I have had my eye on this Pottery Barn piece for a few years.  It has a place for storage to hide your shoes, umbrellas, or whatever else you need to stow away as well as a spot for hanging outerwear.  This past week Chris ask me to get the dimensions and he was going to have it made for me.  My hold up has been that I wanted something low so Colton and Claire could hang their own jackets.

pb entryway

A bench of some sort is a must.  You can sit on the bench and get your shoes on and then as I mentioned before you can stow something away in the baskets below.  So I have went searching… Pinterest offered lots of ideas!

Then bam!… there it was!  I saw this and knew this was it!!

church pew entryway

I have scoured the internet looking for the source of this picture to no avail.  Other bloggers source it back to other bloggers, but I cannot find the actual origin of the picture.  It actually reminds me of something from Pottery Barn.  Oh, but I love this!  I love everything about it!  I LOVE the old antique pew and the crown molding turned into a coat hanger shelf.  My plan would be to find low basket to go under the pew and Colton and Claire could climb up in the pew to hang their jackets.

When doing some internet searching I discovered Remodeling Guy.  His website it amazing and full of do it yourself ideas with step by step instructions.  He has a post for this crown molding coat hanger!

entryway 2

First step – find my pew!  Strip it and stain it!  Then on to my coat hanger shelf!

Here are some other ideas that I really liked too!  I love how this blogger (Emily Clark from designed inspired) used her children’s art work above their coat hangers.  My children are not really creating this type of artwork, but as soon as they are I plan on framing several pieces for our playroom.

entrway pictures    entrway pictures 2                      source

I also really like these framed printables and plan on doing something very similar.

entrway way 3  source

For now I am off hunting for an old antique church pew.

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