January 8, 2012

First Snow

January 8, 2012

We had our first snow of the year last week.  I would call it more of a light dusting, but it was enough snow for school to be called off for Tuesday.  Colton was so excited when he saw the fun white stuff and could not wait to bundle up and get out the door.


There really was barely even enough snow to play in, but this little guy did not mind.  He had lots of fun!


I could not find his mittens so he wore mine.


They kept his hands warm and toasty.  After he came in from playing I found his mittens in his coat pockets – right where I put them so I would not lose them… ha ha.


I was busy preparing dinner so I kept Claire inside, she was not happy to be watching from inside and made every effort to escape into the cold.

Colton kept saying he wanted to, “make a Colton” … this is what he called a snow angel.  I was beyond tickled when I looked out and saw him doing this!


Hopefully we will have at least one big snow and he can have lots of fun like last winter.


“oh rats momma!  If you are not going to let me go out then I’m getting rid of this hat!”

DSC00028  DSC00030

“Thanks momma for letting me play in the snow!”

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