January 23, 2012


January 23, 2012
Lately I have been super busy nursing sick toddlers.  Colton and Claire seem to be passing a nasty cold back and forth and this second round has been terrible.  Colton has had a nasty cough for about two weeks and missed almost an entire week of school.  Claire is still dealing with the nastiness and just wants to be held and rocked and I am happy to oblige.

Lately I have been sticking to my running goals and Chris has been joining in on the running.  We were even able to squeeze in a five miler together yesterday!


Lately my darn planters fasciitis has been acting up again!  I have been stretching, icing and whining a little more lately!  The Knoxville Half is a race I really want to finish, but after the way my foot hurt on my run yesterday I am doubting I will be able to make it to the start line. 

Lately we have been attempting a little decorating.  It is a running joke (of my own) that I have a hard time putting together a good outfit let alone decorate a house … so it is baby steps for me!  We had new drapes made for our kitchen and the playroom – I am in love with them!

Lately m sweet husband has been so patient with me as I sort through the fine details of drapery - rings or no rings, puddled or floor length, holders or tie backs … you get the idea!


We finished getting up our drapes in the playroom this morning, but not before Claire had a chance to help!

This was her last night helping Chris:


Look at that face!!  She was so excited to be playing with Daddy’s measuring tape!

DSC_0081  DSC_0075DSC_0080  DSC_0082

Chris is such a good little teacher.  Granted Claire is only 20 months old and does not understand the proper use of a tape measure, but that did not refrain her Daddy from telling her anyway.  It was such a cute little father -daughter moment. 

DSC_0090  DSC_0092

Chris finished up hanging our drapes this morning and Claire was right there by his side offering a helping hand.

So what have you been up to lately??

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