January 4, 2012

Stream of Consciousness

January 4, 2012

Life has been kind of hectic around here since the holidays and I have had very little time to sit down and blog.  We had a very different Christmas this year.  It was nice and not as hectic as usual, but I have a hard time getting use to different.  More on that later

Organizing blogs are my new obsession.  I am so amazed by how many bloggers out there have such amazing organizing and home decorating ideas.  Not only are they great ideas, but also some that are very inexpensive.  Our playroom and my office space is on my list to get a nice makeover – I cannot wait to show you the before and after pictures! 

While organizing is on the top of my list, so is purging!  I have been throwing out stuff left and right!  Sweaters I have not worn in years, nick knacks that have not seen the light of day since we moved into this house – its all gone!  Colton and Claire’s closets have been cleaned out too, this however makes me sad.  What really made me sad was when Chris pulled out all the baby food jars from the kitchen cabinet – to think that we will not need baby food again.  Ahhh… I am not a hundred percent sure yet if I am ready to say with absolute certain that I do not want another little one.  I guess we will see what 2012 brings.

On another note I am now back to running.  Just today I laid out my training schedule for our first half marathon of 2012.  I have mixed feelings about doing this half marathon.  It is the Knoxville Half which is April 1st which means winter training!  My favorite time to run is 5:30am outside and as we all know the temperatures in Tennessee in February are dreadful – making it outside to run at 5:30am does not seem too likely.  So… I guess I am going to have to suck it up and enjoy the treadmill a day or two a week.

There are tons of new posts flowing around in my head and I hope to soon get them all for your viewing… until then I leave you with this:


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